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Traditional Chinese Medicine Since 1968 - Over 40 Years of Experience

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Traditional Japanese Shiatsu Massage in Mississauga

At Shiatsu Acupuncture Centre, we offer shiatsu and regular massage therapy. Our Japanese trained therapists have a combined 40 years of experience in massage technique. Shiatsu is an ancient healing art that uses pressure to manipulate pressure points to aid in healing. Attentive to your needs, they can customize the amount of pressure to suit your comfort level. Shiatsu, like acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, stems from the belief that illness results from an imbalance. Treatment aims to unlock these imbalances and restore health and vitality. Shiatsu is beneficial for relieving everyday stress. It is also helps to helps to improve circulation and boosts the immune system. For the benefit of our clients who want to get reimbursed by insurance for extended healthcare services- we have registered massage therapists. For more information about shiatsu or regular massage or questions about your healthcare benefits, give us a call today.

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